Tuesday, March 24, 2009


She lay there in the mist,

unshivered by the cold of the ghastly night.

Feared not was she ,

for she was guided on either side.

but still she sinewed her way through the

thick cover of greens,

her unperturbed devotion to destiny,

took her across the rocks and dunes.

undizzied by the dizzying heights of the fall,

way down the lap of rocks went she.

went she raring in her way,

to reach her destiny.        

with all her vigor in abundance,

with all her fondest memories bound with her,

reached her destiny with ecstasy!

an euphoria untold was it for she left her

origin braving the forces,

with ubiquitous thought of reaching her destined destiny.

there goes she, a serpentine...


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